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My junk from the inside out of my mind and far away. =w= Love 'em or hate 'em, you decide.

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=w= Tis either unique, or random. Take a pick.


  • Listening to: Air-conditioner's rattling.
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I believe this needs to be said sooner than later, and after much thought, it shall be now.

This is regarding the x-for-y aspect of all commercial creation, from art to engineering.

When I make shit for myself, be it a piece of work like a sexy picture of a humanoid dinosaur for a display example/gallery piece(it's just an 
example, I don't have such fetishes) or a portable nuclear fusion energy device that would revolutionize all of science and human civilization(but it won't because I'm not selling plans to anyone until I explicitly decide to do so), it is for my satisfaction and my satisfaction alone. Call it selfish but it's right at the beginning of the paragraph; 'for myself'.

X for Y. X is creation, Y is myself.

When I, or any artisan and/or engineer opens up commissions for a work in order, this is still x-for-y. I make a painting of a customer's fetish, customer pays me, we are both happy. I make a machine that can shoot ultra high-velocity golf balls at angry politicians for a customer, customer pays me, we are both happy. This is creation for the satisfaction of the client and customer.

X for Y. X is creation, Y is for promised payment.

Sounds fair and all, right?

Now put yourself in the shoes of a maker, or anybody at all.

You're a politician; you want the support of your people but you have to promise them something in return. Or you bribe them(it's more common than you think.)

It's X for Y. X is support, Y is support(bribery/monetary/service).

See the pattern?

You're a sales guy; you want sales but your customer needs solid information before making a clear decision.

It's still X for Y. X is sales, Y is information. You top up a little extra like after-sales service or even just a nice smile and some courtesy, they're more than likely to come back because

X for Y. X is your niceness, Y is for their trust.

Now let's turn this upside down.

(Based on real experiences.)
// I come to you as a client, and I make a list of unreasonable demands. Make me a gigantic shampoo bottle, about 15 feet tall made of styrofoam, metal and coated with a glossy sticker finish, almost indistinguishable from the real thing.
You make the calculations, and come up with a list. You tell me the terms and conditions, taking into consideration the welfare of your department and the appropriate working hour windows, let's say 3 weeks is the soonest you can prep this for me. I agree.

We sign the deal.

Next day I renege on our deal, I want it in 2 weeks. No change in payment, no change in design, nothing. Will you get pissed off? Will you want to call the deal off? Too bad. Your boss has given his final say, and it's going to reflect on your work record.

You suffer, sweat, and toil while using power tools to work. You bleed from having the straight saw cut your finger, the blood gets on the metal, work goes on. You throw temper-tantrums and maybe break a few disposable tools. You go through 18-hour days, eating out at odd hours on oily food(no guarantees on your own health), about 3 times per week so you'd get this done without interruption.

This is X for Y-1. X is for service, Y is for money(your basic and OT), -1 is your health, time, psychological welfare, and perhaps the straining of your entire department.

There's not even a guarantee they'll come back either after screwing you over.

And guess what.

This isn't even the first time.

Would you call this fair? I know I'm not the first one, there are others who had it worse and I shouldn't be complaining, but imagine that. 

Imagine if I took it, saying it was justified and that I deserve to sit and take it.

Nobody claps for the dead lions in a gladiator match, so here's ten fuck yous for those that think otherwise and a shitbiscuit on top.

Now if anyone wants to sell anything, be it art, design, services and/or a machine, think what the creator has to go through in order to bring you the item at the price they negotiate.

If it isn't for artists, your cars will be boxy, your movies wouldn't exist and neither would your books, your music will only consist of droning propaganda, and your advertisements will fall flat.

If it isn't for engineers, your art will remain art, your characters will never be animated, your indoor design drafts will collect dust for decades, and no one will build your dream house(and have it remain standing to boot.)

Respect the people who you wish to build or create for you. Ask about the processes, and I'm very sure any creator would be happy to educate you about it, and even if you don't understand, at least you asked and that shows you care. It helps with planning, it eases deadline tensions, and you have better trust in your creator, plus it makes it easier to part with your money knowing it is well-spent.

TLDR; If I wanted exposure, I'd have asked for it. Pay for your services and I'd dress up in a bikini and dance for you(if I could). People find it hard to pity an artist? It damn well better be.


Obsolete Thinker

Current Residence: Somewhere warm and wet. Not the good type of course.
Favourite genre of music: New Age and Traditional.
Favourite photographer: None.
Favourite style of art: None.
Operating System: Solar.
MP3 player of choice: Computer.
Shell of choice: Buckshot.
Wallpaper of choice: Something calm, but otherworldly.
Favourite cartoon character: Scooby Doo.
Personal Quote: You're human for a reason. Use your human brain.



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